Attitude Determination & Control Systems (ADCS)

The purpose of the Attitude Determination and Control Systems is to determine the attitude of the satellite in reference to the Earth and correct any deviation from the expected attitude.

Electronics & Control Logic (ECL)

The Electronics and Control Logic subsystem function has the brain of the nanosatellite and maintains the functions of the satellite. It processes the commands or instructions given by the ground management with the help of the on board microprocessor and gives the command to required subsystem.

Electrical Power Systems (EPS)

Electrical Power System is known as the heart of the nanosatellite. The power required for the functioning of the nanosatellite is provided by the EPS. It provides power to the payload and all other subsystems. The EPS mainly consists of solar panels and batteries.

Structure & Material Design

The subsystem of Structure and material deals with the housing of the components which are responsible for the proper functioning of the nanosatellite which will be built by us. The components may be both internal components like various circuitries, receivers, sensors, payload etc. and also external components like solar cells, antennas etc.

Telemetry, Tracking & Command (TT&C)

Telemetry, Tracking and Command is a subsystem which provides a link between the satellite and the ground station. Telemetry involves wireless transmission of housekeeping data from the satellite which includes data from all the subsystems.Tracking is the process of overseeing the position and attitude of the satellite with respect to ground station to ensure the satellite is in its proposed orbit.

Thermal Systems

The function of the thermal systems is to keep all the RVSAT component systems(especially the payload) within acceptable temperature ranges during all mission phases as it is essential to guarantee the optimum performance and success of the mission because if a component is subjected to temperatures which are too high or too low, it could be damaged or its performance could be severely affected.


The Payload is the main goal of the satellite. We at Team Antariksh are designing a custom on board laboratory which carries an astrobiological mission. This payload data will help the future astronauts in their space travel.


Apart from the technical subsystems, Team Antariksh also aims at providing management training to the members. A member in Team Antariksh has to take up a managerial role such as Sponsorships, Spacelab Inventory and Logistics, Public Relations or Creativity and Design.


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