Sponsorship Benefits

  • Website : The company’s name and logo will be displayed in the team’s website as a part of publicity to the company.
  • Brochure : The company’s name and logo will be printed in the team’s brochures.
  • Apparels : Our team T-Shirts, caps, clean room suits will contain company’s name and logo.
  • Display on models : The team will make several models before the flight model is ready for launch. These models will contain company’s name and logo.
  • Social Media : Frequent publicity of the company will be made on the team’s Facebook page, Twitter and WhatsApp.
  • Sponsor Pamphlets Distribution : The team’s engineers will carry out a drive on the distribution of the company’s pamphlets within the campus and in the neighbourhood.
  • Publicity during committee visits : RVCE is an esteemed institution which receives funds from TEQIP and also has got NBA (National Board for Accreditation), NAAC (National Accreditation and Assessment Council). The team will give publicity during these committee visits in our college.
  • Team Banners : The team has banners to display in which company’s name and logo will be attached.
  • Display in team’s workplace : The company will be acknowledged by displaying its name and logo within the workplace as well as the ground station and clean room.
  • Publicity during conferences : The team’s engineers will be publishing research papers quite frequently in several national and international conferences. The company’s name will be published during these conferences by acknowledging and rendering special thanks to our sponsors.


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